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Energy / Environment

Areas of Interest in Energy & Environmental 
  • Renovation of residential and commercial properties instead of demolition or new construction.
  • High-risk, high-reward research improving energy and environmental stewardship through innovation in all sectors.
  • Encouraging population migration to underpopulated cities in order to reverse urban sprawl and protect rural, agricultural, and other important ecosystems and environments.
  • Increasing the number and widespread use of closed-system recycling.
  • Improving the public transportation infrastructure and increasing the widespread use of public transportation systems worldwide.
  • Improving the bicycling and walking culture in American cities.
  • Improving energy efficiency in residential housing through tax incentives and government programs along with updating housing codes
  • Alternatives to petroleum engine vehicles, such as hydrogen engine and fuel cells or electric hybrids.
  • Extending high speed rail systems throughout the United States.
  • Ecosystem restoration through better land use planning and zoning.
NYC Green Procurement (done while working for the City of New York)
  • Strategic planning for the City of New York to create and implement a Green Procurement plan through the Office of Citywide Purchasing.
  • Design and implementation of special projects related to Green Procurement.
  • Process reform within the Office of Citywide Purchasing relating to sealed bid and request for proposal (RFP) processes.
  • Product specification development for City of New York agencies and departments in all categories.
  • Product evaluation for determination of contract awards through the Office of Citywide Purchasing and the Comptroller.
  • Development of contract offerings focusing on 1) environmentally friendly products, 2) preferred sourcing such as industries for the blind or MWBE, 3) cost-savings for the city.